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Monday, May 10, 2010

Took me more than 4hours to fulfill my obligation as a citizen of the republic. Boy was I so glad to read Congratulations! from the PCOS machine.

Mommy, Daddy, Jenny and I went to the church, our polling area, to vote at 7:30am.

We first cued at the grounds of the church leading to the open court, under the sun, where you'll line for your cluster. This was where we waited for hourssss. It was good when they announced a special lane for senior citizens. My mom and dad went ahead with my mom taking with her my hanky. They were done in minutes and went home ahead of us and Jenny and I will just walk our way home.

Omar and his family went to vote at the public school and we were monitoring each other and we have the same situation. Also with his parents done ahead of time as they are senior citizens too.

My in-laws picked up my kids at home so they can have breakfast at their place. On their way to my kids, they dropped by at the church to bring me iced water with 2 glasses, ensaymada with paper napkins, watermelon, and a fan. Aren't they heaven sent?
Until Jenny and I were allowed to enter the covered court to line for our precinct. Actually, our line moved not because people are done voting but people were going home already. We were able to cast our vote but we have to line again to sign our papers from the Comelec.

We were walking, under the sun, on our way home without umbrella. It was really a sacrifice to vote yet fulfilling to see the indelible ink on my finger. We had to take a bath after voting before going to my in-laws for lunch. Omar finished almost the same time that we did.
I was wearing my white top from Mama with yellow ribbon and my yellow watch with yellow ribbon from Omar as my mother's day gift yesterday. Sadly, have to take a bath and discard my outfit for the day. I was wearing green after but I did not go for green, almost did.
We spent the rest of the day at my inlaw's place eating until dinner before we head back to Bulacan.