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Monday, May 24, 2010

Uncle Dave's 50th

Uncle Dave may be Italian by nationality and Canadian by citizenship but he is Filipino by heart. He chose to go home to Manila to celebrate his golden year.

Their family arrived Saturday lunch time and they were warmly welcomed by the heat and heavy traffic of Manila. On the night of their arrival, we went to the park to drink by the band while lighting up some fireworks, as promised by Daddy, for Uncle Dave's birthday.

On his birthday itself, we saw Shrek Forever After at The Cabanas followed with dinner at Gerry's Grill.
We prepared cake and coffee at home. I instructed to buy a mango or ube cake at Red Ribbon for the balikbayans. I was informed that it was out of stock and they bought cake with fruits instead. Until I saw the cake from Goldilocks! Wala talagang mango and ube cake dun! Oh well, wala din naman Goldilocks sa Canada, okay na rin. Better lang sana kung Red Ribbon.
We finished the rest of the fireworks in time of his blowing of the candle.

Happy birthday Uncle Dave! Have fun at hot hot manila!

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