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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Babies!

Usteng is 9 and Emong is turning 10 next month.

I love preparing birthday parties.

It's just pretty hard to prepare one when you're not the financer. I cannot decide right on the spot and have to get Mom's approval. Can't overdo the budget. The theme was even harder - Bakugan!

Mom prepared the food, got the photographer and videographer too.

I ordered the cake from Red Ribbon, bought prizes and some loots from Divisoria, ordered a bakugan standee, arranged for the party host and magician, and did the balloon decors.
Ate sent the balloons from the US together with the candies and some toys for the loot bags too.

I love making the babies happy. I love making Ate happy. Everybody's happy.

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