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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming soon...

... our new baby.

We are counting the days before we get to see our new baby, hopefully in the next four months, in time for my or Omar's birthday. Summer is excited too. Winter has no idea at all but I'm excited too for Winter.

It's both exciting and scary.

I can foresee enlargement of our overhead cost. Omar and I have to work double time this time and have to tighten our belt for the coming baby. Budget will have to be revised, an envelope have to be thicker, an envelope have to be thinner, an envelope have to go, a new envelope coming in. Will my incoming finances be increasing too? Omar please read my blog =). Have to get some side income too, best time to hit the stock market seminar for ideas and suggestions.

Life is stressful now - Orders, canvas, purchases, payments, due dates. I pray too for a peaceful married life for the next four months. May we learn to compromise with each other. With that, I posted a photo of me and Omar on my facebook, a sort of reminder to be peaceful with each other.

We're thankful for the support we're getting from the family. We couldn't make it through without them. Everybody's excited too.

And nope, I am not pregnant. We are just soooo blessed.

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