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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 13: Canada's Wonderland

Weather's nice, holiday is done, perfect to go to Canada's Wonderland.

While waiting for Benjie and Bless, we brought out the kite from the Philippines to take advantage with the wind for the babies. I bought it for them but we play it for them too.
Benjie bought our tickets online using her company's discount, good deal!
Charlie Brown welcomed us. Summer loved taking her pics with the mascot, unlike Winter who was pretty scared of the gigantic moving stuffed toy.
We took our rides and the kids had theirs too at the Kidz Zone.
There, we met Snoopy.
The ghost coaster surprised Summer. She rode a roller coaster for babies before with her cousins at Six Flags but this one is bigger. Good thing Jenny decided to join her at the last minute. She was still brave and did not cry, just surprised =).
What better way to end the day in the park with a funnel cake! Summer thought it was twister fries. I like it!
The park closes at 6pm and perfect to catch dinner at home with Tita Faye and Uncle Dave. They brought lotsss of food.
So many people loves us at Canada. They love feeding us. We kept on eating them.

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