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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 14: Ontario Science Center

Harry gave us free tickets to the Ontario Science Center.
It was interactive and there were scientists around willing to help and guide you around.
Among the activities and exhibits inside, the mini grocery store was Winter's favorite. Too exposed? Is it a sign that he will be taking over my work in the future?
Winter was able to watch his first ever movie - imax!

Harry met us outside the museum in uniform with his own car! It was the best exhibit for us!
At home, Omar prepared the potato leek soup for dinner.
Kuya grilled the steak.
While Mommy played with Summer doing the jump shot.
As promised, Mommy let the babies take a swim in her jacuzzi with a bubble bath. The trick is to cool them down after a heavy day so they can sleep early.
Because I went out for after dinner drinks with my cousins. I was left at home already when they went to see a movie, I have to join them this time.
Thank you Bustos family for a well-sponsored day. Meron pa bukas, di naman kami masyadong abusado.

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