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Friday, February 27, 2009

Kuya's new baby.

We usually go home to Bulacan on Fridays. But since we have a party to attend the following day and have to bring the kids to their doctor for their monthly check-up, we decided to spend the night in Manila.

Omar spent it drinking with his relatives at Mandaluyong - not actually drinking since he stopped drinking for more than a year already, more of munching over beer match.

Summer spent it with her cousins - Yang brought the kids to SM to play and eat at Shakey's, followed with more play time at their house.

And Winter and I spent the night at Kuya's house watching movies at his new LCD TV with the Hi definition movies with his home theater system. We watched 'What happened in Vegas', 'Made of Honor' and 'Notting Hill'. Sarap manood pag ang linaw - both screen and sounds. Kuya drove us home at 11:30pm, just as Mang Abe brought Summer home. Omar went home past midnight.

Now, that's what we call - Thank God, It's Friday!

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