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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parents-Teacher Conference 2

It's time once again for the parents-teachers conference with Summer's school.

Here are Summer's teachers' comments, good and bad:

She talks a lot but still manageable. Whenever they mention a word related to her previous travels, she would talk non-stop about it until the teacher reminds her to share her stories later after school.

She is still among those who listens. Nageexcel naman daw. She can now write her nickname and family name on her own, count 1-20, and can write her name and winter's backwards. In fact, she's the fastest in her class to write her name.

BUT she's selfish when it comes to toys. But she would love to share her baon na ayaw nya kainin.

As usual, she has the most number of art works. We saw how thick her folder was compared to her classmates'.

More on good pa rin than bad, I'm thankful! I just have to train her to share.

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