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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A luau party for Zoe's 1st

We were invited to join Zoe celebrated her 1st year. Her luau party was celebrated at Nestle's Creamery!!! Yes! The old Magnolia house!
Zoe is Judith's daughter. Judith is Omar's cousin. Actually, she's the original Jade Reantaso of the family until I married Omar.

Summer loved the playground.Winter loved munching all the loots his lolos and lolas were getting for him and Summer.They served lunch buffet and ice cream bar!!!! They have classic ice cream flavors, lots of cookies, crackers, fruits, candies and other toppings and different syrups. And while waiting for the food to be served, Omar and I ordered their strawberry shake! And it was so good!!!

Kimy, the mascot, joined the party.Summer went home with so much goodies.

Thank you for inviting us! I miss the Magnolia house. I can remember my ice cream cake when I was small. Happy birthday Zoe!

PS Yes, you can still buy ice cream cake from the Nestle Creamery.

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