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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good news. Bad news.

We brought the kids to their pedia for their monthly check-up.

Good news.

Winter now weighs 8.3kg from 7.6kg last month.
Summer is still at 16kg - at least no weight loss.
While the doctor was injecting the 2 vaccines at the left and right leg of Winter, we were discussing Ted Failon's case. Winter was fervently listening and didn't notice that he was already injected 2 times. So young yet so chismoso.

Bad news.

Summer had to undergo tuberculine test. So we brought her to the lab. She was so active at first and freaked out when she realized that she was about to have something injected in her. Papa Omar came to the rescue - my little girl's knight in shining armour. Will know the results on Saturday.Winter and I went home with Kuya Dojoe while Summer stayed with her Papa at the shop. Sipsip talaga ang aking Papa's girl.

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