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Friday, April 17, 2009

New image.

More of a new look.

I had my hair rebonded.

I inquired at my e-group if it's safe to have my hair rebonded if I'm still breastfeeding my almost 8month old baby.

A breastfeeding advocate advised that there is nothing wrong with the rebond but it's the scent that's not good for the baby. I was adviced to pump for the first 2 days just so to avoid the baby from smelling my hair. And that's a no-no for me. Winter can drink expressed milk from the bottle but not as much as from me.

I asked my OB and got a go signal.

I asked my pedia and got a go too but have to text the ingredients first to be sure. I texted and got a go.

The salon used Loreal X-tenso and rebonded my hair for 3hours followed with a hair spa to wash off the scent from the rebond.

I now got my hair rebonded and can breastfeed Winter too.

I think mommy won't like it. I like it though.

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