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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fluvial parade.

Feast of St. Anne is coming. At least a week before the feast day, a fluvial parade is being done in honor of St. Anne, participated by the whole town of Hagonoy. Our family would participate bringing the Nazareno with us.

But the water of Hagonoy is not as good as before, during the times of my Dad, where water was clear and they could catch baby lobster and fish from the water. They weren't able to preserve it like the Boholanos did with their Loboc River.
I just came for the send off. I did not join this time. The last time I joined 2 years ago, I got a zit on my face even before I debarked the boat that day. But the Canadians joined. They don't do this in Canada. Sure they go to the lake on Summer but they don't do parade where passengers of each participating boat would throw water on you to get wet.
It was a new experience for them I'm sure they wouldn't want to do again hehee. But that was fun, it's just that the water is not that clean for me. It could be your sacrifice for Mother Mary.

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