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Friday, July 17, 2009

Food trip again.

Tagaytay, to me, is becoming synanimous to the word 'FOOD'. My last 2 visits were purely food trips!

We brought the family of Tita Juliet to Tagaytay on a stormy day. It was foggy, zero visibility, so rainy and so windy. But the trip was worth it with all the food stops.

First stop was the arroz caldo at the Golf Club House at Tagaytay Midlands. It's my Dad's favorite every time he plays golf there.
Second stop was the Good Shepherds. Afraid to get hungry, we bought food for to go. Kidding! Jasmine just loves ube!
Third stop was Sonya's Garden. The choice was between steak of Antonio's or salad of Sonya's. Who would choose veggies over steak, right? But we were just full, we do not have space for meat so the oldies opted for veggies instead.
If we were with Benjie, we would still stop for Bulalo. But Tita Juliet's family just have tiny stomach, they eat like birds that I look like a dragon eating. I do not know if there's something wrong with them or with me.

I wish to go back to Tagaytay again - this time with Kuya and Omar hahahha!

1 comment:

jenny said...

with Kuya and Kuya O and me! I can eat like a dragon too! I miss Tagaytay!