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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feast of St. Anne

The hermano for the year's Feast of St. Anne is Tito Pining and his family. Tito Pining is the eldest brother of Daddy. All the siblings are abay. But since Mom and Dad are at Canada, Kuya and I are tasked to represent them.Mom just instructed me to dress up, prepare a donation, and offer it during the holy mass. But she did not tell me that we would have to join the procession. The procession followed right after the mass, just before noon. So it was really hot and the route was long and we were dressed in gown and wearing heels. Still, we survived the procession.

We then went to Tito Pining's house for the final event - lunch! I was too tired to take photos. I loved the lechon! That's fiesta!

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