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Friday, July 24, 2009

A trip at Museo Pambata

Summer had her first field trip for the school year at Museo Pambata.

We did not join the school on our way to and from the museum, but brought our car instead. We joined the school's convoy. And since we will be heading straight to Bulacan after the field trip, Winter and Ate Cory joined us as well.Summer had fun running around the museum with her friends.Winter went on his own too.It was just tiring taking photos and running after Summer while carrying Winter, even if I had Ate Cory with me. But looking at the kids could ease some, not all!, tiredness away.

Museo Pambata, generally, is a good place to bring the kids. They have around 6rooms and kid-friendly guides as well. I witnessed too how Summer, even if she's too amazed with all the new activities around her, can get herself to listen to the guide, follow, and try to be the first in line. It was educational, not just for Summer, not just for Winter, but for me too.


jenny said...

Cute. I like the pic of Winter with the toy shrimps and crabs. At last, may magmamana na ng palaisdaan ni Daddy.

Jade said...

akala ko may successor na kami ni mommy sa pamamalengke hehehe