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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grand Canyon

Yearssss ago, we've been to the Grand canyon but I was still single then and without Kuya and his family. We took then the South Rim tour.

This time, we took the West Rim tour. Daddy saw on Discovery Channel the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon so we took this tour and the tour is shorter. We had too much bus transfers. And it was so commercialized - aside from the tour, there is a separate fee to use the skywalk. At the skywalk, you cannot use your own camera, not even your own cellphone with camera, you have to get your photos from their photographers with a fee. You're not obliged to take the photos but after paying the entrance fee, it would be such a waste not to have a souvenir photo.

I like our tour yearsss ago compared to the tours they are offering now. Tour then was more personalized and without too much transfers. I like the food now though, it's all you can eat - barbecue ribs and one of the softest chicken I ever had.

Still, the canyon is still grand.

Back at the hotel, the kids went back to the playground to play while I left Winter to Adrienne at the bowling lanes while I went to try my luck with the slot machines. But I wasn't lucky enough so I went back to the room to find my wailing baby waiting for me.

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