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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our 6th year.

I like waking up in a hotel room. It just feels so grand!

We had breakfast at the hotel with the kids still in their PJs. My favorite was the frozen yogurt mashed on cold stone with mangoes and walnuts, yum yum!
As promised, we took the kids for a swim. Omar backed out at the last minute.

After swimming, Summer and Winter spent the afternoon at the children's lounge - provided free for hotel guests and diners.
Upon checking out, Summer asked why we have to stay for just one night. Ako din nabitin hehe. Sarap magbuhay mayaman kahit sa isang gabi lang.

We passed by Greenbelt to see the giant Swatch of Cory and Ninoy edition - the watch Omar painted at his shop.
Before going home, we claimed our anniversary gift from Mandarin Oriental they forgot to give us last night.
Happy Anniversary! I'm excited for more anniversary celebrations! This is the happiest ever and I hope it's the start of our annual celebration. Thank you!


性感的我 said...

時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。 ..................................................

Gracie said...

i love your first line (parehas tayo!)

belated happy 6th anniversary! God bless you more.