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Thursday, September 23, 2010

First PTC with AC

Summer is playful. Nice term used, Teacher Trina was so kind.

The teacher commends Summer for she knows when she's allowed to run and not. Summer runs around during recess time inside the classroom while eating. Sometimes she's not aware she's been hitting some of her classmates while running. Sugar rush, too much!

Summer sometimes talks to her seatmates while their teacher was discussing lessons. Talkative, sounds familiar. History repeating itself?

Summer has nice penmanship. Consistent.

O - Language and PE. Summer said she's good in Language. She's hyper, she must be good in PE.
HS - CLE and Filipino. Our focus for Filipino worked.
S - Math and Reading and Music and Arts. She's really not orderly. She's having a hard time arranging numbers from highest to lowest and arranging words alphabetically. Have to focused on these 2 more. She's very good in Arts, it's her favorite subject but pretty low in Music. She loves singing but she hasn't mastered the lyrics. I must not ignore this one.

My first term as Prep in AC. 1 term down, 2 more terms to go, then 1 year will be over. 11 more years to go then.

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