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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ysha!

A year after Ondoy, we attended a 1year old birthday party. Yes, she was born during Ondoy - not with her Mom's OB and not at her parent's planned hospital.

We came just on time but it started raining hard. A lot came in late so my kids had so much fun having their face paint. It was Winter's first and he sure had fun having them.

Winter played the games even if he was too small to join and even if he cannot participate in the game itself. He loves getting candies for prizes.

Julian and Jaja were late but they were able to join the games after food were served. I was just so proud of Summer trying to win more prizes from the games just so she can give them to her cousins.
The kids had sooo much fun. Winter loves all the candies. Happy birthday Ysha!

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