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Friday, January 9, 2009

Feast of Nazareno

It was a feast day talaga!

Imagine, I had 3 lunch in one day. Bukod pa ang breakfast and dinner nyan ha!

The chapel of Nazareno was a donation from the family kaya we see to it na dun nagsisimba pag Sunday, lalo na syempre pag fiesta.We attended the 9am mass but did not join the pagoda. I got to finally see Helena. She's my cousin's daughter from Canada. While we had Christmas at Canada, they had theirs here in Manila. Omar surprised me too by attending the fiesta with Winter's ninongs.We had our first food feast at Tito Pining's, followed with another feast at Ninang Nene's and finally at Tita Baby's.

I brought with me Winter and Summer so we did not stay long until the 5pm mass.

May Nazareno continue to guide and bless our family. Amen.

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