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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paying taxes is fattening.

Mom and I were tasked to pay the property tax at Tagaytay. We brought Tita Nil and Benjie with us.

So we went straight to the city hall to pay our dues and paid a visit as well at the chapel of Archangel Gabriel.Then we went to Sonyas for early lunch. Oh how we loved the ambiance. It wasn't our first but the first time was a long time ago. We had the usual set - salad, bread, pasta and dessert. Winter had mangoes. They even gave away flowers at the end of lunch. We strolled after lunch for some picture taking and bought stuff like mosquito coil and room spray.We then went to Good Shepherds to buy goodies which Tita Nil will be bringing to Canada.

We bought pineapples along the way too.

And went to Rowena's to buy buko tarts and more goodies.

And finally, went back to Manila through the old road so we can stop by and have our bulalo. Here, Winter had his potatoes.Thank God, Winter was such an adorable boy. He never had a tantrum but had so much fun. Lakwatsero in the making. I missed Summer.

I never thought how fattening paying taxes are at Tagaytay. I never mind doing it again next year basta may budget hehe.

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