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Friday, January 23, 2009

My school girl.

Since Summer started attending school, I see to it that I call her once she gets home.

Ate Nenet reported that Summer got mad with her teacher because her teacher refused to give her a stamp. Reason - she was not listening to her teacher. From the last parent-teacher conference, we learned that Summer was one of the few students who could sit still and listen to the teacher. But coming from vacation, I expected a few days not getting stamp since I expected her to be sharing lots of stories with her classmates. But not for more than a week already. So I talked to her and told her that I won't bring her to school anymore if she will not listen to her teacher. Aba! Pumayag at galit daw sya sa teacher nya! So I told her, no stamp, no TV! I know, my bad! Pero dun sya natuto mag-english tsaka Disney or Playhouse Disney channel lang naman e.

Summer happily went home with a stamp.

Aba! 2 stamps pa!

No stamp pero for all students naman daw, wala. Nenet asked her teacher how she was and was informed that they saw a big change for Summer since Tuesday. Effective ang TV!

May stamp ulit.

Hay salamat! Back to normal na ulit si Summer. Grade conscious kaya pag laki?


Gracie said...

galing ng naisip ni Mommy ah...effective! :)

jenny said...

haha cute! i miss our little "bad girl."