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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Summer is now on her Senior Year at Playschool International.

This year, it is not just playing. I was informed by the teacher that their objective for this school year is for the senior students to learn how to read by the end of the school year. Summer now have her Reading and Math Books.

When I reach home everyday, I see to it that I check her diary. They now have home works and pages to review. Summer and I would scan the pages they took up for the day.

It is also her first to have an assessment test.

She had her Math test on a Monday. We did not review for Math anymore since she basically knows all her colors and shapes.

Reading Test was on a Tuesday. We scanned a few pages, focusing on letter H. And when I brought her to school in the morning, we were reviewing her beginning sounds.

So when I got home, I checked her envelope again for homeworks. And there were her test papers. She got 15/15 for her Math test and 10/10 for her Reading test. All with 3 stars and with Good Job remark from her teacher with her Reading test.

Ang sarap ng feeling! Feeling ko nag-top ang anak ko sa bar exam. Sana magtuloy-tuloy.

Thank you Summer for giving Mama another reason to be a stagemom.

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