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Saturday, September 26, 2009


How did the super typhoon Winter hit you?

I was at Bulacan with my babies the whole time. Omar, on the other hand, has a story to tell.

Omar went to Pampanga to purchase parts for the shop. He was bound for shop at 10am along the NLEX approaching Balintawak. Traffic was starting to build up. He reached the ramp heading to Monumento at 11am, and seeing the water starting to rise, he decided to go to that direction instead just to avoid the water rising. He had to take a U-turn to be able to go to the shop. He was able to make a U-turn and back at Cloverleaf at 6pm. He made it to the shop at 9pm - without food at all, without water, and without company. What used to be a 20minute drive turned into more than 10hours drive.

At 12mn, he decided to go home to us at Bulacan, seeing that EDSA was already light in traffic. But he wasn't expecting what was waiting for them at NLEX. It was still flooded and water was subsiding so slow. At 4am, he was still at Marilao. He decided to go back to Manila and was able to make a U-turn at 5am. He was home at Paranaque at 6:30am.

Our home in Paranaque was not spared from Ondoy. Good thing Ate Nenet and Ate Elsie was able to save some of our stuff from getting wet. But they do not have keys inside our room. Omar cleaned our room after resting for a few hours in my inlaws place. Water was around 4-5inch high in our room, based from the markings on our dresser.
It's not as worse as what others went through and I'm so thankful we were safe and we still have our home and cars with us.

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