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Friday, September 4, 2009

First dental visit

Summer is sooo long overdue for her dental visit.

I brought her to a dentist in Malolos and was informed that she has 2 teeth that needs 'pasta' but can only be done by a pedia dentist. I attempted to bring her once to an Intellicare accredited pedia dentist before but the line was just too long. So this time, I asked Omar to bring the kids' cards to the dentist early in the morning so that when we reach the dentist after Summer's school, it will be their turn already.

Ang galing ni Dr. Giron! I prepared my camera but I totally forgot about it. He taught me and Cory how to clean Summer's and Winter's teeth. No toys pero napasunod nya mga bata, even Winter. Ang galing! Turns out 4-5 teeth lang pala ni Summer ang buo, halos lahat may tama na. Haaay!!! Nakakainis ang first dentist na dinalhan ko sa kanya.

Winter is due to go back after 3months. I can bring Summer anytime soon. Di kasi sya nagpprocedure sa mga bata on their first meeting.

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