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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're so blessed.

Omar and I went to hear the 6pm mass at Twin hearts, as we usually do on Wednesdays, using the CRV. But on our way back to the shop to pick-up the others, Omar noticed that his headlight was not working. So we changed cars and used Kuya's Patrol instead for a test drive at the same time.

While cruising the skyway at SLEX, the Fortuner in front of us stopped! So the driver hit the brakes twice. We hit the Fortuner with just a smack - as in dumikit lang. When we, almost all of us passengers are drivers, looked at the back and their came a Sentra hitting us hard making us hit the Fortuner harder. The Sentra was able to stop a car away from us but came a Durango who hit him hard that made the Sentra hit us hard. It was a 5-car collission, no injuries. Almost all cars are used by presidents of different companies, with their drivers.
Good thing we used Kuya's Patrol. If we used Honda - warak kami! The Patrol kasi has a bull guard in front and the Sentra hit Kuya's spare tire at the back so walang sira. Iba talaga pag nagsisimba, may guidance.

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