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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Kuya Dojoe was invited by Kuya Redg and Ate Didith for dinner at their house in Project 8. As Kuya's sister, Omar and I were invited too!

It's been yearsssss since we were at their place. At nakakaligaw! Sobrang laki ng pagbabago. Ang ganda ganda. Look at the landscape in front of their house...
... and the dining area...
... and their kitchen! 3 working tables - 1 for Kuya Redg, 1 for Ate Didith and 1 for Socorro, their only daughter.
And they prepared sumptuous food! We were served cold cuts, grilled cheese and crackers for starters, main dish were roast chicken, gambas, black paella and souffle for dessert.
And we asked if we can see their chowchows. They have 3. Summer said they have lions upon seeing the photos.
It was a great night. Thanks Kuya Redg and Ate Didith and Socorro!

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