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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kanin Club

Kuya Rey invited us for dinner. He stays with his Tita at BF Homes. He's the balikbayan but he was the one who treated us for dinner at the Kanin Club.
We had the mango thai salad for starters and I had bottomless green iced tea. Kuya Rey ordered sinigang na salmon belly, bagoong fried rice and sinigang fried rice, crispy pata, crispy dinuguan, and crispy tenga. I was a bit sad learning that he ordered turon for dessert. I was craving for Thai food for the longest time and I wanted sticky rice sana or leche flan. But when we got the turon, it was just so good! It was like halohalo with ube, macapuno, and monggo. Something papa oka got to try hehehe.
We were happy eaters once again, thanks Tito Rey. Another place to treat soon to arrive balikbayans.