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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prep Girl

I am so excited on posting Summer's progress for her basic education but I wanted to confirm everything first.

August 29 last year when I submitted Summer's applications for K2 Level.

She had her entrance exam on September 3.

She had her interview.

Results were released a week earlier on December 9 and she passed.

Omar and I attended the parents' partnership session on February 20. I was surprised to see that they still have Prep after K2. That must be the reason why her age is qualified under K2 when compared to other schools, she is only qualified for K1. I submitted a letter a week after requesting for re-assesment for Prep even if she's underaged. Playschool has been preparing them for Prep Level already and I do not want her to get bored with singing and playing again for K2, she might carry on the habit or the impression for big schools through out her education years.

I received a call on March 24 for Summer's schedule for her re-assessment test on the morning of March 30. We even saw her classmate from Playschool applying for Prep Level too. Summer had fever that time but we were able to push through with the test.

I was just so happy getting the call this afternoon that Summer will be accepted for Prep Level. Ang galing ng anak ko! Added bonus was a year skipped, feels like winning a free school year tuition fee. Summer will be attending Prep Level at Assumption College at Makati and she will be 5years and 3months on June.

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