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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lolo Fidel!

It's Lolo Fidel's 96th birthday. The birthday celebration was held at Tito Tany's and Tita Susan's house at the Verdana. We came all the way to Bulacan and back just for Lolo's birthday lunch. Who wouldn't celebrate his or her 96th year? That's too much blessing, not just for him but for the family.
Dress code was color coordinated. We were the yellow team, better yet, the Noynoy Team. We had lots of picture taking.
We even had a mock election where there's no age limit, no indelible ink, and Filipino citizenship was not even a requirement. Absentee voting for overseas was also applied via skype.
After lunch, the kids had fun playing at the park.
But kids rather swim than play at the playground.
Happy birthday Lolo! We wish you good health.