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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A place for Cholo.

It's a Wednesday and it's my Karcraft day and it's the car show's first day. Omar with Boss Jo and Bong went to the show and I tagged along.

Omar planned on putting Cholo at the show but backed out the last minute because the slot was too much for his budget. We saw this Japanese version Toyota Corolla. Cholo is a US version and far better, of course love your own. I'll post photos of Cholo next time.
In a girl's eye, they all look the same to me. I mean they are all cars with accessories. It's just hard for me to distinguish which one is better over another. I had more fun looking at the models. I was told about a shop who always get the best model in the show and he was right so I took her photo hehehe.
A friend of Omar entered this beetle at the show. It looks cute with its miniature.
And they even named him Kriselda - as in Kriselda Volks.
Cars and girls - they always go together.

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