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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In search of...

... a toy for Winter.

Lola Nora and Lauren gave my babies money to spend for toys. It was strictly instructed for toys and not for the bank.

Winter has a toy car, ala bike, at home in Bulacan, but nothing in Paranaque. He often use his big toys, ride on it, pretend it was a bike or car, and drag it all over the house. I thought of buying him a very small bike that would fit a 1yo. I do not want something big with a pusher. I want him to learn how to do it on his own, I'm pretty sure he would prefer that too.

We searched at Toys R Us at Trinoma but no luck. Bikes are still too big for him. Even the smallest one, his feet still cannot reach it nor does he have enough strength to pedal it. Even the electric ones, his foot does not bear enough weight to make the car roll.
We left the toy store without wheels. Better luck next time.

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