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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Search result.

I finally found the perfect bike for Winter.

I gave up on getting a bike for him, realizing that he's still a baby and too young for such toys. I decided to buy him the same toy car, ala bike, as the one in Bulacan, only bigger this time. But they do not have anything the same at the Toy Kingdom, they have something smaller. But he's growing already so he needs something bigger, not something smaller.

Until I found this red bike. It's foldable, more heavy duty, and he can reach with his feet. A little bit over the budget, but something I can afford. I took a photo of it, MMS it to Omar. I didn't get a go signal since it's over the budget, but I still bought it.
Omar liked it when he saw it. Summer likes it too. Winter likes it too. The two of them can ride on it at the same time too, a little bit dangerous since one of them might fall down, but it's that sturdy and strong that it can carry both of their weight.

I'm a happy mommy!

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