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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sister's Act.

Summer's been pushing Winter lately, accidentally and intentionally. I've been warning her to stop doing it every time I catch her doing it.

I've had enough and had to show her the consequence of not obeying me. I told her to lie on her tummy on the bed, spanked her butt with slippers and ordered her to stand at the corner. All these while I explain to her what happened, what she should have done, and not to do it again next time. All these while Winter was crying.

And just when Summer went to the corner, Winter went to lie on his tummy on the bed while crying, waiting for me to spank him. Good thing his and Summer's back was on me and didn't see the surprise and laughter on my face. I spanked his butt lightly. Then, while crying, Winter went down of the bed and followed his Ate Summer to the corner.
He's been always like that - following his Ate. Just like the title of the album of my collections of pictures of my babies - Winter is where Summer is.

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