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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Assumptionista.

It's Summer's first day of school at her big school - Assumption College at San Lorenze Village in Makati City. It's OUR first day of school.

It was a breeze waking her up, she was excited. We were in bed last night as early as 7:30pm. I was excited! In fact, she came second in their class today. Parents were allowed to bring the students in their classroom for the first day. A lot of parents were there, equipped with cameras, to capture their kids first day of Prep.
Summer initially wanted to stay at the back near the toy corner. But the stage mom in me wanted her to seat in front. Good thing Teacher Trina came to second the motion so Summer had no choice but to follow. They were given their own name tags.
Before the class starts, the assistant teacher lead the way to the parking area of the school bus. I introduced Summer to the bus operator where she will ride on her way home. At 10:30, the bus operator called to tell me that Summer took the bus and was on their way home. Big girl na talaga.

Do well in school, Summer. Make your Mama proud!

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