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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Baptism and Birthday Party - not the BB you're thinking of.

I am just so happy for Vicky! They long so waited for this baby and now Stephen Joseph is turning 1!

Omar and I were blessed to be invited to be PaoPao's ninong and ninang. We attended the very early baptism at 9am at the Ermita Shrine, and coming from Bulacan with the kids in tow, that's really early for a Sunday. I'm not complaining ;).

After the rites, we went home first to bring home our stuff from Bulacan and for a quick power nap. Then left for the birthday party/baptismal reception at 12nn at Gloria Maris at the CCP complex.

It was nice seeing my college barkada again. I saw Den with Willy, Efren, Jusy with Nick, and Maila's kids - Achu and Stacy and of course, Vicky with Jason and Joseph.

Summer, as usual, was scared to join the other kids in front for the birthday program. Jusy gave her Play Dough to play with. We were served Chinese food, of course! It was superb! I like the souvenir item for the ninong/ninang - it's a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy on a towel arranged like a cake.

We gave PaoPao a toy bike which I purchased from Toys R Us at Podium. Good thing I was able o use my card and earn miles. Paying it full on time gives you good credit standing and won't make you a bad credit credit cards holder.

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