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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommies cook too.

Summer once asked me if I know how to cook. I said a little. She was so surprised and said, "No! Mommies don't cook! Only ates cook!" Nahiya naman ako bigla, disoriented ang anak ko sa mga roles ng parents sa bahay.

I don't cook at home. Omar cooks more. Ate Cory does the cooking at home. I know how. I know how to read and count so I know how to follow the instructions from the cookbook. I'll live.

So I bought this Mama Sita's cookbook and I liked it! It comes with nice pictures so at least you would know how your dish should look like. I like to try cooking the spicy sitaw, the steamed tilapia, the oriental beef stir fry, and the brocolli with mushrooms.

This time, I tried cooking the seafood chowder.
Then I served it with green salad with olive dressing.
Followed with a fresh green mango shake. Just perfect for summer. With this heat, it's almost like Arizona homes weather.

I cooked the dinner and I ate it by myself hahaha. Kuya and his family went home to Manila and Omar played basketball and will eat dinner outside. Cherry and Cory had no choice but to eat my dinner. Masarap naman e, for me. But for my picky eater Summer, not yummy daw cook ko =(.

Oh well, it's a start. See, mommies cook too!

1 comment:

jenny said...

Mommy said: That's good for you! Maganda na nag eexperiment ka, natututo ka. Wala namang masarap kay Summer, panay "di sarap luto ni Mommy!"

I said: Proud of you sis! I know how to read and count too! That gives me hope!