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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Emergency, Take Two.

After our overnight stay at the ER or Paranaque Doctor's Hospital last night, we were instructed by Omar's internist to bring Omar to UERM.

It was 8am when I got calls from the family asking about Omar's condition until Omar texted his doctor and got to talk to him. Kuya Dante drove for us. I couldn't trust myself to drive for us with just 1 and a half hour's sleep. We packed our stuff, getting ready for admission.

He was in a convention and won't be back until lunch time. He called the hospital ahead and gave instructions to his resident doctor. The performed ECG and it was negative, alleluia! No pain relievers were given this time.

We were instructed to get our room already while Omar went to get his ultrasound with Mama. It was a full house and the hospital was under renovation after Ondoy and I got a Junior Suite. The only option then was a ward. When we all got back at the ER, Omar's doctor arrived, got the results from the ultrasound and gall bladder and pancreas were clear, aside from his pre-existing fatty liver. So he cancelled our room and instructed us to go home and take a rest. He prescribed medicines and told us to go back on Wednesday. It was a cousin of arthritis at the rib cage, according to him, with the pressure from Omar's cough aggravating the pain.

It was so hard to decide where to sleep - with Omar at the hospital or at home with Winter since I still breastfeed him. I even thought of brining Winter to the hospital at night but I'm sure the family will protest. God is good. He did not let me choose. He gave me both.

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