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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Since I'll be bringing Summer to the hospital, Mom ordered me to bring Winter as well to confirm if it's chicken pox.

I picked up Summer from school, then we had lunch at Shakey's. It's Summer's favorite - pizza, chicken skin from the fried chicken, and the mojos. Aside from the new kid's zone at the selected Shakey's outlets. The one closest to the shop is the world's biggest and has kid's zone.
It was confirmed. It's chicken pox. Summer got her booster shot. I requested for some creams for Winter's pox and was warned that it will be pretty expensive. Sayang naman puti ng anak ko kung puro peklat naman.

It will be 2 weeks of isolation from Winter. And since it's viral, we have to clean the house from wall to wall since virus can stay on the wall too.

Haayy, we keep on going to the hospital and drug stores. I bought Lysol too - both spray and concentrated solution for the house.

It's time to sterilize the house.

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