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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's viral.

Winter's temperature was up the whole time last night, even after I give him his round of Tempra and even after I wipe him cold.

Since I do not know where his fever is coming from, I decided to bring him to his pedia. Or else, his next scheduled clinic will be on Thursday. Better be safe than sorry.

The doctor said it could be viral. I told him that I would be happier with viral disease over dengue. He just informed me that dengue is viral. Scary!!! Turned out that Winter's throat was full of 'nana'. I was just sooo relieved. So he gave us antibiotic then we're off for home. Just the same, he gave us a request for blood test just in case Winter's fever won't drop even with antibiotic.

We were able to get out of the hospital late already so we had dinner at Rack's at Magallanes. Happy that the boy was able to eat even with the 'nana' in his throat. He had macaroni and cheese.
Another day off work.

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