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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uh-oh! It has water inside.

Winter was under my observation, as per instruction from his pedia. Should he get a fever, I have to have his blood test.

Thank God, he didn't get high grade fever, aside from sinat last night and this morning.

I gave him a quick bath and just as I was putting on his nappy, I saw some big rash on his butt. I searched his body and found that there's something strange on his foot. Winter had a band-aid on his foot yesterday when I brought him to his pedia. He had a mosquito bite and he keeps on scratching it so what his yaya usually do is to put bandage over it to stop him from scratching it. But what we thought was a mosquito bite was growing bigger and looked like it has water inside. And there are smaller ones on his arm and legs too. It's a suspected chicken pox, on a rainy day! Talk about global warming.

I immediately called his pedia. This time, my concern was on Summer. It's not the best time for her to catch the pox since she's having her exams on the first week of September. It's Quezon City day tomorrow and his pedia will not hold clinic. But since Summer must have her booster shot the soonest, his pedia accommodated us by going to the hospital at the same time he will do his rounds the following day. He has lots of patients checked-in at the hospital due to dengue.

He also instructed us to isolate Summer from Winter. How is that possible with just one room at the house? Solution, Omar and Summer will sleep at Mommy's house tonight! The doctor also prescribed another medicine for Winter.

When will this virus ever stop?

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