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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Advance Happy Birthday Winter!

Since Mama and Papa will be leaving for New York next weekend to attend to Onnie's birth for Molly, we celebrated Winter's 2nd birthday in advance at Bulacan.

It was a rainy day. The kids spent the morning swimming and the party started early lunch.
We had grilled burgers, chicken lollipops, french fries and spaghetti. Mommy donated sotanghon for the elders and Ate Fely gave Winter maja blanca. Thanks to Lolo Oca for grilling the patties. It was raining so the smoke from the grill partied with us.
Ninang Jenny suggested that Winter must always have ice cream cake for his birthday so she provided the cake. I bought the cake at Dairy Queen. I just put Cars match boxes of Winter for a touch of the theme.
We just had the family as guests. Oh, did I mention that both Omar and I have big families? Not just in number but in appetite as well.
Winter had a blast blowing his birthday candle with his pouty mouth in front of all the kids. We also had Kuya Obet's kids as guests.

Thanks to the angels for all the help as well.
Stitch is turning 2! Terrible 2! Scary!

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