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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congratulations graduates!

Ryan graduated from grade school last night.

Jenjen graduated from high school this morning.

We had lunch at Savory Restaurant at Resorts World to celebrate with the graduates.

While Omar attended at a baptism of his friend's baby as ninong, Kuya Dante dropped us off at Resorts World to meet the family for lunch. We came in too early and went around the Newport mall. At the entrance, we met some entertainers from Kaos and posed for a picture with the kids.
Then it was Nin's turn with the kids at the plaza.
Then, it was time to meet the family at the restaurant. Winter had fun clowning around.
Congratulations to the graduates! Salute to the parents! Jenjen got flowers from Nin.
Jenny then toured Mom around the mall while Omar and I went to see Kaos with his family. Sadly, the kids have to go home with Mom and Nin. We got free tickets and cannot afford to ask more for the kids.
It was a nice start to visit the place with the family and will surely be coming back soon to eat and walk around, and not to play =).

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