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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Summer, again!

It's Summer's birthday and she's 6 years old already!

We invited the family for a quick dinner at KFC at SM Bicutan. Surprisingly, on a weekday, they were full. Good thing, Omar and Kuya Olejoe came in early and reserved 3 tables for us.
We just bought a small cookies and cream cake from Red Ribbon for her to blow. Cookies and cream has become her favorite for the last few days.
When the kids were done eating, they went to ride the animal and motorcycle rides and the merry go round.
Winter was scared at first but we already paid for 4 tickets so I forced him to ride until he enjoyed it.
Summer's favorite part, next to the rides with her cousins, were opening of the gifts. She got her scooter from Nin.

Happy birthday Summer! May you grow healthy and God fearing.

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