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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking forward to a feast!

My BIL, who is a chef, got promoted. What was best was the company opened a position just for him. He works as a sous chef at Ascot Hotel in Makati until the executive chef resigned. He is now the acting executive chef. But it's been a bit too long already and they have to formalize everything. In their company, the next position from the sous chef is executive chef. He doesn't want to accept the position executive chef since he wanted to be able to pass through the proper titles. He'd rather stay as the company's sous chef. But the company had other plans. Instead, they opened up a new position just for him - executive sous chef. Just perfect!

In celebration of his promotion, he's treating the family for a dinner on Sunday. Nope! Not in any restaurant. Their family loves to cook. The family loves to eat and drink. He's going to cook for us on Sunday. We're having a feast. I heard the menu includes crab, prawns and clams.

And since he's into drinking, I've already thought of the best gift for him. I discovered another drinking t-shirts. It's not the first time I encountered such shirts and shirts like that always reminds me of him so why not add one to his collection. Superb!

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