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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prep Moving up day.

It's Summer's moving up day!

Took me a lot of convincing stories just to let her wear the white dress. She finds the ruffles at the shoulder itchy so we have to wear a sando under it. Then her white shoes just keeps on slipping off, even with 2 corks inside, because of the stockings so we have to wear white knee socks on top of her stockings.

Teacher Trina gave her and the rest of Prep E students a souvenir CD. Summer and I are both excited to open it when we get home.
Omar and I were surprised to see her right in the middle and in the front row. And all the girls are in white, except for her with red flowers on the shoulder and sash. So you can just imagine how she looks so stand out right in the middle in front with red!
They showed a skit on the life of Sr. Mary Eugenie. Summer was with Act 4 and sang Big God.

Then the awarding of ceremonies followed. They showed the kids annual picture on the screen while their names were being called to receive their certificate on stage.
Another school year ended. What's in store for us for Grade 1?
We invited the lolas to join us. I just realized that they are more stage lolas than me. Mommy bought a bouquet of flowers for Summer too. I like the bouquet, so small, just right for Prep graduates.
We treated the Lolas for lunch at Tao Yuan Restaurant at the Resorts World.
I finally got to eat hainanese chicken. I love it! Best eaten with hainanese rice. I love the laksa too.
We saw Sam too after lunch and the kids had fun running around the lobby and literally rolling around.
Congratulations Summer!

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