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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Nin gave Julian a kite for his birthday. I was envious for I've never flown a kite in my entire life.

And while Nin was tutoring Summer for math, she promised Summer that she'll get her a kite just as long as she will study hard.

We had our travel mart at SM Marilao. I bought Summer's invitation cards for her classmates for her 6th birthday lunch at school, saw the kite and bought it, not just for the kids but for myself too.

We tried it in the afternoon but unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind. I thought it was easy. You just cannot see it from the picture but it was the guard actually who was maneuvering the kite for Summer.
Winter got scared when he saw the kite fly by itself and ran to my side.
Until Paeng joined us and took over. He was able to learn how to fly it during their PE class at school during Linggo ng Wika. Why didn't we ever had that?
Noynoy and Justin joined us too.
And since there were no wind, they just settled playing at the swing instead.
Maybe we'll just bring the kite at Tagaytay tomorrow instead. Haayyyy....

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