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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

We went visita iglesia on Good Friday.

Here's the little boy, all ready, for the trip.
First stop was the chapel of Nazareno at Parong-Parong at Hagonoy. My family stayed there to sing the pabasa while me and my inlaws went to visit the other churches for the other stations of the cross.
Before moving on to the next station, Mommy bribed Winter with a bottle of soda. She sure got a thank you kiss from the boy.
On our way to the second church, we came across a group having their penitensya paying respect to a pabasa station. It was a nice chance for us to take photos.
The kids transferred from one car to the other in between stations.
It was a tradition I wish to keep and for my kids to absorb as they grow.

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