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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Graduation day.

And I wasn't able to attend her graduation day. Omar wasn't able to attend too. Ate Cory can't too since she have to look after Winter and Winter cannot join her too since he have to go to sleep so he can join Summer at Fun Day in the afternoon. Nin and Ate Jenjen were busy too. I told her ahead that other kids will have their mommies there and she won't have her Mommy there but I promised her that I'll bring her to the Fun Day later.

Omar dropped her at McDonalds and Kuya picked her up, together with Nin and Jenjen. Looks like Summer was asking Kuya here to wait a little longer while Kuya was asking her for his french fries and Summer was telling him that he have to pay for it =).
Good thing the graduation finished late or Nin came in early so they were able to take photos of Summer.
She went home with a certificate, backpack with tumbler and her other art works like puzzle and other color art works.
Whew! At least now she have some story to share for her summer vacation since I wasn't able to send her to some summer class.

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