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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visa renewal: CHECK!

Positive thoughts attract positive results!

Mom and Dad will be sponsoring another trip to Canada for our summer get-away this year. We skipped our annual tradition last year and we're having one big time this year. Woohoo!!!

Flight tickets were issued already. We got promo tickets and it was a good deal.

My family's visa renewal application was just picked up today. I'm thinking positive! We will surely get our visa. We must! Summer's been packing her carry on bag since January.

It was just sad that Jenjen and Ate Bing cannot join us. Jenjen's having her first day at college a week after our scheduled flight to Canada. She's taking Psychology at La Salle. Good thing the review she attended last summer paid off. It must have been just like taking New York gmat prep.

And just when Jenny finished filling up her application forms for her renewal and just when I got her manager's check from the bank for her visa fee and bank certifications, she received an email from Canada asking her to submit her passport for visa issuance for her permanent resident application. She took her masters at Canada for a year and worked at the ombudsman of Toronto for a year too. And just when she was on her way back did she apply for permanent residence.

Oh I'm so excited to pack our stuff. It'll be my first to travel without a kid on my lap since I gave birth. Scared of expenses. It's an all expense paid trip - from tickets to accommodation to food and trips. But how can I stop from shopping? I just have to focus on our pending home loan. Sheessh.... just have to take lots of pics this time. At least that's for free.

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